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Fly Fishing-What You Need To Know To Be Successful

Whether you already enjoy other types of fishing, or you're new to the whole sport, fly fishing can be one of the most pleasurable kinds of fishing. There are lots of strategies that will come in handy when you are fly fishing, and this article will point some of them out.

. A primary concern is your footwear. Keeping your feet from getting wet when you have to walk in the water is important, and the best thing to wear is a heavy-duty pair of wading boots. A pair of polarized sunglasses and a good hat are also recommended, to protect you from the elements and to give you greater visibility.

The most challenging part of fly fishing to master, for most beginners, is learning how to tie knots. Before tying any knot, you should lubricate it with saliva or dip it into water, which will make it slide into place more easily.

Fly fishing can be done in both freshwater, and saltwater locations, but yes most people think of catching a trout in a stream with fly fishing. This requires heavi…

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